Jan 11, 2012

Banana Love!

Have you guys seen posts on several other blogs that showed you could write messages on bananas for your kids?

Well, today I thought it would be cute and easy to use cookie cutters to make a design instead of a message. I didn't have small enough snowflake cookie cutters (which would have been perfect for this week's tot school theme!), so I tried it out with a small heart.

I lightly indented the banana with the cookie cutter three times. (I only did it to the left banana, in case you didn't notice!)

And maybe an hour later, this is how it turned out!

This would be so cute to do for John's lunch around Valentine's day when he goes to pre-school. Of course I would make it prettier that my trial banana. Or I could make them for sweet Matty B's breakfast. Any small cookie cutter would work so I am excited to make their bananas more fun to eat!

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