Jan 13, 2012

Easy Thank You Cards

My sweet niece, Lilly, had her 1st birthday last month. If you recall, I made these invitations for her tea party and my sister did a fabulous job of throwing the party.

Well, I also made some super easy thank you cards. Here's how:

1. I used this sweet picture of Miss Lilly (take by Fancy Pants Fotos)

2. Using photoshop, I added the words 'Thank You' to the top corner. Genius, right?! You could also use Picnik which is a free site or any other editing program like Publisher.

3. Allison uploaded these to Vista Print when she had a coupon for 100 free postcards. Then she wrote the thank-you's on the back. Easy cheesy!

This takes a tiny bit of work, but probably not much more than driving to the store and buying a pack of thank you cards, and they are WAY cuter! This is one thank you card that won't be tossed in the trash immediately.

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