Sep 5, 2011

Cleaning is Pointless with Kids Around!

I think of all the frustrations that come along with having children, cleaning the house is the WORST. I find this to be the most defeating thing...ever. I finished another month of my chore calendar, and I did pretty well. However, one day I was cleaning out the inside of my fridge (and doing an AMAZING job if I do say so myself. That thing was spotless, neat, and organized). I put away the last fast food ketchup (does anyone else save those?!), closed the door, and this is what I find next to me.

Hmmmm...that wasn't there when I started cleaning the fridge. Thanks, Matthew!

But surely the rest of the house stayed clean while I was knee deep in left-overs needing to be thrown out. I mean, I just folded a load of laundry and straightened up the living room.

Nope. Thanks, John!

But hey, if you come over to my house, it may look like a mess, BUT the inside of the fridge is PRISTINE. Soooooo, there's that.


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  1. Exactly how it is at my house!! It is so frustrating sometimes! It is truly amazing how fast kids can mess up the entire house.


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