Sep 13, 2011

Toddler Art Tuesday - New addition

If you hadn't noticed yet, I didn't put a post for Toddler Art Tuesday. Last week my sister and I had the kiddos do a Grandparent's Day craft that I haven't taken a picture of yet. I have been really busy the last couple days with random house stuff and Etsy orders.

However, more importantly, we have a new little baby to add to our Toddler Art Tuesday cousin gang. My youngest sister, Emily, had her baby on Sunday! I am so excited for her and Jeremy. Here is the only picture I have on my camera that was decent (hospital lighting isn't flattering!). This is Baby Emma and Aunt Jen (that's me!). Emma is my third niece so we now have 5 little ones to plan for on our Toddler Art Tuesdays!

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