Sep 22, 2011

Teaching Thursday - An Ah-Ha Moment

Can't believe it is Thursday already...I haven't posted anything in a week! Oops. :( Been one of those weeks I guess. So, on to our Teaching Thursdays post we go.

Some of you may think that stay at home moms get to just sit aound all day watching tv. Brad even asked me if he was going to come home to me watching Oprah every day. Well, let me assure you I hardly ever watch TV during the day. Mostly because John will want to change the channel to one of his {educational} shows, but that is besides the point.

However, one day John was at Nana's house and Matty B was a little baby who wasn't even crawling yet. So I flipped on good ol' Oprah for the first time in about a year to see what was going on. This happened to be an episode about two sisters who were sexually abused every day by their dad and brothers. I tried so hard not to start boo-hooing while reading Matty B some books during the show! One girl commented that no one at school had any idea (they were too afraid to tell someone) and that she wasn't doing great at school because all she was worried about was what was going to happen when she got home.

Well, that really made me think. I had a student come up to me one time to confess being abused at home, which was really sad and of course nothing happened to her dad. Besides that, I really didn't know what was going on with these kids at home. It is so easy to forget that some kids have major issues outside of the classroom. I feel bad that I may have been too harsh on kiddos when they didn't turn in homework, attend tutorials, make up a test, etc. Maybe that student had something more important on his mind. Not that teachers should be lenient, but maybe more questioning to see if there is something else causing the student's actions.

It was also frustrating when I might say something to a counselor or principal or parent and they would say 'oh, yeah, but this students is dealing with XYZ'. Hmmm, that would have been information that would have been very helpful to a teacher! So if you are a parent, or administrator, please keep those teachers in the loop!!

Anyways, so that was my Ah-Ha Moment. It is a nice reminder to be patient with students because we really may not know the full story on them.

Hope you all had a great week!

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