Sep 28, 2011

Quick Toy Bin Facelift

I have a niche in my living room where we store some of the boys' toys. I LOVE the shelving that I found at Walmart. I was shocked to find them there and they are actually made of real wood and look great. They look very similar to ones at Pottery Barn Kids but for a fraction of the cost. I also got fabric bins for some of the cubbies to store the hundreds of small toys we have. (Do they just multiply at night?! I swear I didn't buy all of these!). After seeing bins in catalogs such as Restoration Hardware that sport numbers and seeing lots of inspiration in the crafty blog world, I gave the bins a quick facelift.

Here is the before: (with a bit of a mess!)

and here is the after:

I used the Sure Cuts Alot and my Cricut to cut out the numbers onto freezer paper. Then I ironed the freezer paper to the fronts of the bins as best as I could. The fabric on the bins wasn't flat so I couldn't get a really good seal.

Then I painted with white paint. (Truth be told, I ran out of white fabric paint so one of the numbers is painted with...ACRYLIC!!! shhhhhhhh).

Once I removed the freezer paper, I was done!

The paint bled a little in a couple spot since I could get the freezer paper to iron very well to the bins, but if you are using regular fabric you shouldn't have the bleeding. And unless you are examining these bins up close, you can't tell they aren't perfect. And if you are the type of person to examin toy bins, you probably aren't my friend and won't be at my house anyways. issues there!

The next time John saw these, he immediately said 'Hey! You put numbers on these!'. So, they definitely make an impact on the least to a 2 year old.

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  1. I love how some of the simplest ideas make such a big impact! These look like they're out of Pottery Barn. Turned out great :)

  2. Those look so good! I have some ugly green ones I'm about to give a face lift...wish me luck!



  3. so neat. I have similar bins and I'm kinda inspired to try this. Thanks! I started a link party at my blog and I'd love for you to link this up. If you're interested it's Have a lovely day, Maria

  4. now that I like a classical and fun look come see what I shared at


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