Apr 8, 2011

Visit to the Farm

Last week John had a ton of fun doing lots of farm animal activities. I planned to do farm stuff when I saw that Nash Farm in Grapevine, TX was having a 'Spring into Nash' event. It was a perfect cap to the week! We met my sister, her family, and our parents. We got there right when it started and by the time we left 2 hours later, it was packed!! John had a blast- he had his first pony ride, pet lots of farm animals, rode a stick horse, went on a tractor ride, punched his name in a piece of leather, worked in a garden, and played horse shoes. How could this NOT have been tons of fun for a 2 year old?!

This totally cracks me up because we have pictures of my dad holding me when I was very young trying to use these type of stilts when we took a family vacation to Williamsburg. (you can barely see him behind me in the picture!). I so need to find that picture to compare!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Looks like a great day! Love the picture on the stilts and love the new blog look too!



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