Apr 12, 2011

Date Night- Scavenger Hunt

Brad and I are once again on a kick to try to do a date night each week. This will usually be something at home once the boys are asleep. So, last weekend we made each other clues to go on a scavenger hunt around the house! We bought a $5 prize while grocery shopping earlier in the day so there was a small reward for finding all the clues.

The clues Brad make up for me were really creative! Clue 1 took me to the trash bags (it is a quote from my favorite movie, Tommy Boy!), Clue 2 took me to our house address.

Clue 3 led me to one of John's books, Clue 4 was hidden under Matthew's formula, and the 5th clue was leading me to the prize by a Toy Story bath book.

Here are my typed clues for Brad and a couple pictures of him searching around the house. He won an A&M hat...made with masking tape. haha! He had a good laugh with it even though he won't actually wear it out of the house. I offered to paint an A&M on it and he said only if I bedazzled it too. :)

This turned out to be more fun than I expected and was a cheap date night!

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