Apr 6, 2011

The Baby Shower {that isn't}

I am part of a fabulous Mommy group that started back in 2009. We were all in a 'new mom' group at a local hospital that met every Friday when the babies were only a couple weeks old. About 10 of us decided to go to a dinner for a Mom's Night Out and we have been hanging out for playgroups and MNO's ever since!

The babies are now 2 (ahhh!!!) and we have a our 3rd group of preggo mommies adding baby #2 to the group. Why is it that we get pregnant in groups?! We decided to have baby showers as a Mom's Night In to celebrate the new mommys-to-be but we weren't going to give gifts. With so many moms in our group those presents would add up quick and since we all have babies, we don't REALLY need anything. Instead of presents, we bring dinners to the families once the baby is born which is so helpful!

Last week we celebrated three mommies-to-be who are having their new bundles of joy in the next month or so. I co-hosted with two other moms, Stef & Debbie. We had a great time planning this little celebration and the whole group had so much fun at the shower!

three beautiful mommies!

the party planners!

Amazingly all three moms aren't finding out the sex of the baby. So our colors were bright pink and bright blue. We played a game 'Baby Price is Right' so we tried to incorporate The Price Is Right into the decorations.

Stef found these super cute mason jars for drinks through Hostess with the Mostess. I made the straw tags on photoshop. Very easy and so cute!

Debbie made a super cute diaper cake and the moms each got to take home a layer.

The MNI showers are always pot luck and we had some yummy yummy food, including cupcakes and ice cream sundaes!

I made these name tags since they are what you immediately think of when you hear 'The Price is Right'. I made them the color of each mom's first child. (way more pinks than blues!). I left the majority of the tag blank, because let's face it, we already know each other's names! We put out markers and the idea was to make up a silly name. Most of us weren't super creative at that moment so we kind of turned it into putting nicknames from when we were younger which turned out to be really funny to hear the background stories on all the nicknames!!

Debbie made these bags and guessing forms so that we could all guess the name, sex, weight, etc of all the new babies. Then the mom got to take home the bag and put all the papers in her scrapbook.

Stef put together the Baby Price is Right game. Each contestant (the moms to be) got a pad of paper and they had to guess the price of different baby items. Whoever guessed closest without going over got a little baby bottle. Whoever got the most baby bottles won the game. However, at the end, we decided to give away the items individually to whomever guessed best rather than winner take all.

We all had a fabulous time and I hope the mommies-to-be felt extra special that night! I just can't wait to meet these new babies soon. These three babies will bring us to about 17 kids in the group. We are turning into the Duggars! haha! :)

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  1. So cute!!! I love the mason jars AND the Price is Right game! How fun & creative. Great job!


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