Nov 17, 2010

Monogram Canvas Tutorial

Today I am going to show you how to make an easy monogram accent piece for your home. The one I made is for the fall season but this could easily be made for any season, any holiday, or any color scheme. The good news is it is relatively inexpensive to make! Awesome!

Supplies you will need:

-canvas (be sure to look for one at a garage sale or at a thrift store. It can be painted or blank- we will cover it with fabric so it doesn't matter!)
-fabric (enough to cover your canvas)
-mod podge
-paint brush
-staple gun
-and in my case, a group of friends to make this for a Mom's Night In! :)

Steps to make a fabulous and personalized accent piece:
1. Cut your fabric to size so that it will cover your canvas completely, including the sides.

2. Pulling the fabric tight, staple around the back of the canvas. Fold over the corners and pull super tight to make them nice and neat!

3. Brush a layer of mod podge on top of the fabric to make it sealed and stiffer. Don't forget the sides of the canvas! Be sure to make it a nice even coat. Also keep your brush strokes going the same direction! Let this dry for about 30 minutes.

4. Draw the outline of the letter for your monogram. One way to do this is to print out the letter in the font and size you want, cut it out of the paper and trace around it on your canvas.

5. Now, you have two options. You can either fill in your letter with paint (which is what I did) OR you can paint outside the letter and leave the letter 'blank' thus letting your fabric pattern become the letter. Apply as many coats as needed to reach desired color.

Here are some of the other ones we made that night. I was the only one who painted inside my letter so you can see what it looks like to have the pattern become your letter.

...and that is it! How easy, right? I placed my finished monogram on my buffet table. What do we think?

I think this was a fun little project and could be used in so many ways. How cute would it be for a nursery or kids room? Or instead of monograms, what about silhouettes? The options are limitless!

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