Nov 11, 2010

Household Chores - so FUN!

Ok, so I don't think chores are fun. I have found that keeping my house clean with two kids under two is almost impossible. I looked online at The Fly Lady but still feel that is way to intimidating for me since the first task is to keep your sink all pretty and shiny. Um. Yes. My sink would stay clean for about an hour and then John would want a drink or snack and before I could clean it all up Matthew would want to be nursed or changed. And then John would want to play or be changed. By the time I MIGHT have a chance to clean up the sink, John would add his millionth sippy cup of the day to the pile. I am sure I am the only one who has this problem, right?! :)

I looked at one other site that boasted giving you a daily calendar with different tasks to keep you on track with your cleaning. However, they listed about 10 things A DAY to do. I sincerely hope that list wasn't for people who have itty bitty kiddos...or maybe I am just the world's worst housewife! That is always a possibility.

So, this is what I came up with. I decided to break down what the bare necessity chores that needed to be done each week. Then I split them up to a daily schedule which seems more manageable to me:

Monday: dust and vacuum living room
Tuesday: laundry and clean master bathroom
Wednesday: clean small bathroom, dust boys rooms, empty all trashcans (trash gets picked up on Thursdays!)
Thursday: laundry, vacuum all bedrooms
Friday: clean dining room and craft area
Saturday: dust master bedroom
Sunday: laundry, mop kitchen

Notice I don't have 'clean kitchen' listed because that has to happen everyday. Well, it should happen everyday even if it doesn't get done. And I have to pick up everything off the floor to be able to vacuum so those rooms inevitably get cleaned up on their 'vacuum' days.

I would like to think I get 75% of my chores done each week. It just depends on how motivated I am, how much time we spend out of the house, how well the kids nap, etc. But now that Matthew sleeps through the night, I don't usually take naps with the boys take a nap (IE not in total survival mode anymore!) which gives me time to straighten up a little bit. My goal is obviously to get 100% of my chores done each week, but baby steps, people!

I will say, though, it is quite defeating to clean up one room just to have a two year old follow behind you and tear everything apart again in about 5 seconds! So maybe I should expect to have a clean house again when they are in elementary school? high school? college???????


Do you have any tips or hints on how to keep up with chores? Or how to simply DO chores each day?!

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  1. One of my favorite sayings is: Trying to keep a house clean with young children is like trying to brush your teeth while eating an oreo :)

    You should be proud of 75%!!

    Check out my blog at The About Me tells you more about my title.


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