May 3, 2010

Teacher Appreciation Gift

This week is Teacher Appreciation and at the daycare, we have a little list of gifts for each day. This year I am not doing as much as I did last year mainly because John John switched classes this week and I don't know his new teachers at all and then I feel bad leaving out his old teachers. So, I decided just to give gifts for two or three of the days to both sets of teachers (that is SEVEN teachers!) and not every day. But I digress. Since today was simply writing a note of thanks (easy!), I decided to share one of the gifts I gave last year when we were supposed to bring flowers to the teacher.

I got the tins in the dollar section of Target, and even though this is from last year, I saw something similar at the store just the other day. Then we just got some flowers at Walmart and planted them with notes attached to BBQ skewers. The note said 'Teachers are the sunshine, Students are the flowers, Sunshine helps the flower grow!'. I saw that online somewhere so I totally stole it! :)

Check back tomorrow for the next gift!


  1. oooh yeah! SO cute! Why reinvent the wheel. I taught for many years and haven't seen that.

  2. Very cute! I bet the teachers will love them!

  3. Adorable! Very creative!

  4. WHat a cute idea! I have been looking for something to do for my kids teachers. Thanks for the idea :)



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