May 25, 2010

Father's Day Flashback

Father's Day is going to be here before I know it and I haven't though of anything cute to make for Brad yet! So, as I think of something new, let's flashback to last year...

For Brad's first Father's Day I made him two crafty gifts! The first was a project that John and I made for him- his handprints with the wording 'Hands down, You are the World's Greatest Dad!'. Brad has it hanging up at work still! This was so easy to make even when John was eating the paper instead of helping me glue. :)

The second project was making him some 'Daddy Dark Ale'. I found this from some random blog back in the day and it was really easy to make. The lady who made them said to soak the beer bottles in soapy water to take the labels off the bottles. I was way too lazy for that and left them on. I printed out labels with different pictures of John and Brad together and taped them onto a 6 pack of Shiner beer- Brad's fav! He loved it and still has the empty bottles in the garage. I also made a sign for the cardboard box that the beer comes in so tie it all together.

The morning of Father's Day Brad woke up to his favorite breakfast (donuts!) and presents.

We had lunch at his favorite Italian restaurant (I think this was John's first time to sit in a high chair at a restaurant!!)

We finished the day by playing in the baby pool in the backyard. It was a wonderful and relaxing day!

This was such an easy way to make the day special for Brad without spending a ton of money...and getting to be crafty all at the same time! :) Anyone doing anything fun for Father's Day this year?

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  1. LoVe the drink covers! Wouldn't they be perfect for dads fav candy bar too!! Those little handprints are priceless! Thanks for sharing & link-in up on my I {heart} dad link! :)


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