May 4, 2010

Teacher Appreciation Day 2

Today was our day to give something for 'pampering' the teachers at John's daycare. Personally, I would much rather be pampered with yummy candy then a random bottle of lotion. I mean, how many bottles of lotion does a lady really need? Plus, it helped that I had left over candy from the craft show available and no bottles of lotion on hand!

I made this on photoshop. Don't judge- I just learned how to use the program last week so I am still figuring it out!

My original thought was to print them on card stock and make little plastic bag toppers. But when I got to work (yes I made them at work today!) I found these little favor boxes left over from a bridal shower that I threw and glued the picture on the front and filled the boxes with candy. I thought they needed a little something extra, but being that I was at school, all I could find was some yellow crepe paper. I cut some strips, tied them to the box, and crinkeled them up to make them look a little festive.

So, this turned out to be one of those projects that looked better in my head than how it actually turned out. The teachers seemed to like them though and probably needed some sugar at the end of the day!


  1. I wish any of my 135 students did something like that for me! Instead, I was asked to buy a coupon card from a few for a fundraiser..... *sigh*

  2. Cute. And I'm impressed with how much "down time" you have at work. :)


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