Jul 31, 2014

Shooting at Different Angles

When I took an online class on composition, my favorite tip was shooting at different angles, especially in terms of cutting out parts of the background to make a cleaner picture. There are three ways you can photograph someone: from below, from above, and straight on.

From below gives a feeling that the subject is bigger, bolder, stronger, dominant, etc.
I LOVE this one of John at his t-ball game when I shot from below. He looks like a powerful player here!

Tyler looks extra manly in this shot. :) This also helps to make sure the horizon line, or the line of the back of the lake, doesn't cross with Tyler's head which would make it look awkward.

This is one of my favorite photos of Matthew when he was dressed up as Superman. This angle again helps to make him look bigger and stronger...just like Superman! Notice shooting from below also cuts out the house next door and tree from around Matthew's face which minimizes distractions in the photo.

Shooting from below here helps cut out the messiness of the background and Thomas' face is now in sky rather than with the trees and buildings around the face.

From above gives a feeling that the subject is smaller, meeker, more vulnerable, etc.
Even though this photo of Bella is just a smidge above her, the angle accentuates her tiredness in this photo from her aunt's wedding. She was worn out!

In this photo of Thomas, we were playing on a see-saw at the park. I stood on the see-saw to take this photo from above which cuts out the background of the park and instead puts a cool textured background.

This is another example of how shooting from above cuts out the background. You would never know Emma and Lilly were at the boys' baseball games here! Instead you see their sweet love for each other!

My husband took this photo from above and I love how small John looks here with me.

This shot from above is so sweet of Bella and my mom and gives a tenderness to the photo.

Everyone looks so small against the large lake in this photo from above.

John looks small here and I will remember how he was a typical boy playing in the mud when he was a little boy.

John looks so sweet and innocent here, and again the messy house is cut out of the background without even having to clean!

Taking the photo straight on gives a sense of intimacy, connection to the subject, and you are looking into their world.
I like these as 'observing' into the world of my kiddos and our family. Brad took this one during my Mother's Day breakfast in bed.

Here is Matty B in his cool shades and we are connected to him since we are eye level with him.

 A sweet shot of Emily and Emma is eye level and you can see their love here!

Matthew is again connected to us by shooting him at eye-level.

Since I took this photo from outside the room, we are observing the boys in their world as they play with the ipad in the morning in my bed.

YOUR challenge for today is to practice shooting at different angles. Try the same pose from all three angles (if you can do it before your toddler runs away!). See if shooting at different angles cuts out messy backgrounds. Stand on a chair or lay on the ground if you need to.

If you need more of a challenge for angles, try to take photos with dramatic angles. Try shooting from directly above (like bird's eye view) or directly below. Or perhaps shoot in an angle that you don't typically use to go out of a comfort zone.

I can't wait to see what you come up with!

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