Jul 31, 2014


Hi everyone! We are movin' and groovin' right along with our photography challenge. I am loving all the photo shares!

Today is going to be a fun day and I know you are going to love it. We are continuing our discussion of composition with ....wait for it...Framing!

So, this is exactly as what you think it might be: framing your subject in the photo. This will add interest to the photo and make a stronger statement. You can get as creative as you want in where you find frames in the world around you. Here are just a couple examples I have.

1. Matthew is framed by slide. Don't mind the finger and toe chop though!

2. I love this one of Thomas at his first baseball game. I feel like he is framed by the people next to him.

3. The boys are being framed by the water.

 4. The girls are framed by the door and fridge (even though Emma's arm looks like it is chopped weird).

5. This is one of my current favorites. Bella and Lilly are framed by the legs of the lifeguard stand.

6. Thomas and Bella framed by legs of the stand again.

7. John is framed by the window.

8. Matthew is framed by window lines.

9. Thomas is framed by the dugout lines. This would have been better if I could have gotten more of the lines in there to make the complete frame, but oh well. Such is life!

10. John is framed by the door.

 11. Boys are being framed with door to room and the edge of the picture.

12. Thomas in his crib with shoe is framed with door and wall.

13. Thomas is framed by older brother's legs.

So you can use whatever you want for frames. Not all pictures will be perfect and that is ok. I am sure you will love them even with their imperfections.

YOUR challenge is to find the frames are you are taking photos. When I first learned this I thought it seemed so easy but it takes practice to get your squirmy subjects framed. Post some of your favorite frames.

For those experienced photogs, how creative can you get with your framing? Try to find the most unusual frame you can think of when photographing today. Or perhaps a frame within a frame photo. I don't usually frame with the edge of the camera frame (like in example 11) so I am going to try more of that today!

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