Jul 31, 2014

Auto Focus vs Toggle Focus

One thing I was always frustrated with on taking photos was the focus. Actually, I still get frustrated with that and am rarely 100%  happy with my focus. However, what I found to be the most helpful thing is to use the toggle focus feature on my camera. Instead of using the auto-focus where the camera picks what it thinks should be in focus (don't tell me what to do, Mr. Camera!!), this is where YOU select where the focus will be.

Here is an example of the focus points that would show up on your camera. Yours could have more points than this example. Either way, you would select the one that is on your person's eye and the camera should focus on that point. May sound hard to do but once you get quick at changing that it isn't that hard to do.

For more explanation, go to THIS link to a super short video on selecting the focus. 

Key things to remember:
1. Press the shutter release halfway to focus on the subject.
2. Change the focus point if necessary.
3. Take the photo by pressing the shutter release all the way.

Be careful with the 'set and recompose' idea from the video because if your aperture is low, then you will get a blurry picture. So use that with caution!

Other people swear by back button focusing, but I have not been able to get the hang of that. HERE  is a link for more info on that method of focusing in case that method works for you.

Today's challenge is to practice taking photos by toggling focus points or back button focusing. Share your favorite photos!

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