May 1, 2013

The Starburster - Teacher Appreciation

This week was Teacher Appreciation Week so I came up with these little gifts for John's teachers.

I use the terms 'came up' loosely, however. I looked on Pinterest for ideas (what did we do with Pinterest?!) and used an idea a previous lil Mop Top customer had for the tags. I personally love the double walled cups (not that I have one, but it would make a nice Mother's Day gift...hint hint BRAD!) and thought it was a practical gift for the teachers. Finding a good teacher gift is hard, and not simply because I am jealous that I never got gifts as a high school teacher. Wait, I take that back. I got some lotion and a gift card from a student once. Anyways, I don't want to give a teacher their millionth candle or classroom decoration. I figured everyone could use a cute cup, especially with a hot Texas summer coming up. And who doesn't like Starbursts?!

I had to search for a while online for a good book title that went with Starbursts. None of them were recognizable to me, but the book 'The Starburster' is a real book. I wonder if John's teachers have read it. If I was on the ball (making these the day before does not constitute being 'on the ball') I could have got them the book to go with it to add to their classroom library. That would have been a nice touch!

I hope you thanked your child's teacher this week! You don't need to buy a present, but a thank-you note would be very sweet and would mean a lot to those teachers. When I was teaching I kept a file folder of all the notes I got from students or parents and would look through them throughout the year. The notes made me smile and I actually still have the file somewhere in my house!

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