Apr 17, 2013

No Sew Faux Roman Shades

Hi blog friends! Long time, no see! As you can imagine, with the new baby around, keeping up with the blog is low on the priority list. Which also means I didn't notice until now that my blog isn't working and looks like doo doo. Sorry about that! One day I will fix it...

Back to our topic at hand, though! I have been slowly working my way around the house trying to add some character and decoration. It is a slow process since our new house is much bigger than the last. It will take some time to fill up this bad boy! Today I conquered the window treatments in the laundry room using the tutorial I found at In My Own Style. I saw some fabric at Hobby Lobby yesterday that I bought on a whim and then whipped them up today.

I was able to make the panel while Thomas was taking a nap. I used fusible tape to finish the edges and make the top pocket for the rods. Not sure how much time it saved versus sewing. The only difference really was I didn't have to take the sewing machine out of the closet but I bet the time I spent ironing would have been the same as if I sewed the edges. At least with ironing I didn't have to worry about making so much noise the baby would wake up! Then once Brad came home and took the blinds off for me, I spent another 30 minutes or so hanging everything up and cleaning up the laundry room.

As you can see, the room is still quite bare and uninteresting. (thus the 'to be continued'!) I have some other things on my to-do list for the laundry room, but it will probably be somewhat low priority since really Brad and I are the only ones who see this room. I just kinda felt like being crafty this week and these curtains were easy peasy!

I would definitely make these again for a window that wouldn't get messed with much. The fabric is laying just right on the rods so I imagine they would slip and slide pretty easily. However, for the price and ease of making them, they are perfect for the laundry room!

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