May 17, 2013

End of the Year Teacher Present

Even though it feels like I was just taking John to his first day of school, yesterday was his last day! I am proud to say I didn't cry over the fact my little boy is growing up.

Today I am going to share the presents I gave each of his teachers. I found the idea on Pinterest and gathered the supplies at Target. Each teacher got a beverage jug containing two cute plastic cups, reusable shaped ice-cubes, and a drink mix (lemonade or strawberry lemonade). I made this little tag to attach to the jug and added a note of thanks to it.

Please feel free to save this image and use it if you would like to!

I forgot to take pictures of the jugs before we left yesterday morning so this is the best one I got outside the car in the parking lot.

John had the sweetest teachers this year! Even though you can't tell from the pictures (he hates taking pictures), he loved them all and really enjoyed going to school this year. I am so glad we chose this school when we moved here last summer!

Sidenote:  John decided the last day of school was the perfect day to start wearing his back pack. I mean, why make Mommy (or Nana) carry it for him EVERY day of the school year? One day reprieve was so nice of him.

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