Sep 11, 2012

First Day Favorites

Last week John had his first day of preschool at his new school. I kind of just randomly picked this school since we moved into our new house well after registration dates. However, even with only two days of school under John's belt, I really am loving this school and am so glad I found it! Amazingly, John's teacher happens to be a fan of lil Mop Top which is SO RANDOM! Of all the teachers in the area (and the few fans of lil Mop Top!) it is crazy that John is in her class!

Anyways, I took a million pictures of John before we left the house on the first day of school. I purposely took one with him to the side of the frame so I could add his favorites in photoshop. I 'interviewed' him a couple days before the picture and some of his answers surprised me. I bet if I asked him the same questions today half of them would have different answers!

Here is the picture I did last year. My little boy grew up so much in one year! Click here to see a post I made about first day pics last year.

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