Sep 12, 2012

Baking Cotton Balls

While scrolling through facebook, I saw an interesting link on baking cotton balls from Play Create Explore. So I figured I might as well try it with the boys!

We started by stirring up the mixture and then pouring it into a muffin tin. Then we added food coloring to color the mixture. This was a fun little mini lesson on mixing colors. John was really interested in seeing what colors were made when combining different food colors. Unfortunately, we only have blue, green, and yellow food coloring on hand so we basically had lots of different shades of green!

They had a blast dipping cotton balls into the mixture, thus making a huge mess. Matthew even liked transferring the balls with a spoon.

John can be picky sometimes so you never know when he is in the mood to get messy or when he decides he wants to be Mr. Clean. Well, this was one of those days he was fine with getting messy and ended up lathering himself in the mixture! Good thing he was in just his undies. Matthew copied him except he still had shorts on so his short were SO MESSY! So, a bath was in order while the cotton balls were baking.

Over the weekend I used a marker to write words, letters, numbers, and shapes on the cotton balls. Then we took our play hammers outside and smashed up the cotton balls as I called out which ones to find. John loved finding the words and Matthew just smooshed the balls without waiting for me. Either way, it was fun for them!

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  1. I've been looking for a fun way to practice sight words :-) I've seen these but never used in this way...LOVE it!


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