May 25, 2011

Wonderful Resource for Early Literacy!

I recently went to a couple sessions at our local library to learn about how to promote early literacy for my sons. It was advertised as sessions for daycare workers and parents, but I think I was the only parent there among about 20-30 daycare teachers. It was well worth it though and I learned a TON of things to do with the boys at home. (and according to the teacher, I am in the 10% of parents who will work with their children at home...not sure how accurate his guess was!)

So, I wanted to share THIS site. Dr. Jim has TONS of downloadable material on the right sidebar of this page for using with children from 2-5 years old. He also has wonderful links to songs for those of us who can't always remember the tune of cute songs we hear at storytimes. On this page, he also has links to other age groups (infants and 1 year olds) that you should totally check out! My favorite page so far is the 2s3s4s programs document because it is broken up by themes and gives a list of books for each theme along with some finger plays and poems. Here is an example:

So, go check it out! Dr. Jim was amazing!!

I link up to these parties!

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