May 24, 2011

Please Help by VOTING!

As you may know, Matthew had to wear a STARband helmet for three months. We were very lucky that he only needed it for a short time. He got it off very recently and we are so excited! However, when he was wearing it, I was always very aware of the many stares Matthew got from other people. Thankfully 360 Wraps has their wonderful program called Wrap Buddies that wrapped his helmet for free! (remember this post?!) Here is a cute picture of him in his fancy helmet...

So, I need your help now! They are nominated for a $50,000 grant and all you have to do is go HERE to vote for them! PLEASE go vote because they are a wonderful company!! Thank you so much for helping! And to give you a little incentive, if you vote, leave a comment here and I will do a drawing for a {small} Target gift card! :)

Matthew thanks you!

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  1. i voted! always great to hear about wonderful companies that are there to help.

  2. Can I win even though we are related?! jk... but I voted!


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