Jan 14, 2014

Thomas' Dapper First Birthday

If you heard a loud weird noise two weekends ago, it was me crying as I threw my last 1st birthday party. T Bone turned one December 26th so I waited until after the holidays to have his birthday party. We decided to invite just family this time around and this was one of my favorite parties to date! I found this super cute dapper party and used it as my inspiration. I am using the term 'inspiration' rather loosely and perhaps copied some of her party verbatim. That is how much I liked it!

I whipped up these cute invitations on Photoshop. Sure, it isn't fancy with gold foil, but it did the trick.

I am so glad I put 'best party dress requested' because that gave us full reign to dress to the nines (or at least dressed up more than usual!). I was also so happy to see that my family participated in getting dressed- lots of dresses, suits, and even a tux! I bought Thomas a suit from Walmart and each of the older boys get dress pants from Walmart that were on clearance for $5! I bought them a new dress shirt from H&M and they were quite handsome. I bought bowties from My Sweat Pea Couture Boutique and they are the CUTEST bowties! I love these photos of the boys getting all dressed up for the party. Of course, the birthday boy was not cooperating for pictures at this point.

When the guests arrived upon red carpet, each kiddo could pick out a bow tie or hair bow.

I printed out pictures from each month and displayed them. I really don't like how this turned out but left it anyways. 

The food display was largely made up of desserts,which is totally my kind of food display! Who needs 'real' food at a party? I am all for filling up on cupcakes and candy! I tried to find candy with gold wrappings- rolos, reece's, gummy bears, and twix. Don't worry though- we did have ham, potatoes, and green beans for those 'health conscious' people. I won't name names on who insisted on not eating cake for dinner...

Like I said, I LOVE that the guests dressed up! When else would I get to dress T Bone in a baby suit and when would my dad wear a tux to a 1 year old's birthday party?! I got a new outfit and Brad even went to the store ON HIS OWN ACCORD and shopped for a new outfit for himself! I was thoroughly impressed with him and he looked so handsome!

After playing outside for a little bit, (yes, it was a gorgeous January day in Texas!), we played a round of 'Pin the Bow Tie on Thomas. Even some of the adults played too!

By far the highlight of the evening was our dance party. I had some fun music playing all night but we crammed into the living room, cranked up the music and had an old fashioned dance party. I loved it and so did the kids! My niece Bella kept asking me to turn the music back up later on so she could keep getting her groove on. We played freeze dance and then took turns doing our best 'sassy dance walk' across the floor. I think burning those calories totally cancels out eating cupcakes for dinner, right?

I have said it before, and I will say it again, I really think our 'family only' parties tend to be my favorites. They are somehow more laid back but still just as action packed as when we invite all our friends. I think it is just more fun to party it up with my favorite people.

I think Thomas enjoyed his Dapper First Birthday party...perfect for my handsome dapper baby!

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