Jan 2, 2014

Goals for 2014

Apparently it is that time of year to make goals and resolutions. It is like it is a New Year or something.

So, let's get to it. Here is what I would like to do this year or things I would like to improve in my life.

1. Finish decorating new entertainment center
2. Paint over red wall in living room
3. Find nice mantel decor
4. Paint the boys' bathroom
5. Put in new faucets and accessories in boys' bathroom
6. Fix master closet
7. New window treatments in master bedroom

I think I can handle just 7 little things for the home, right? I will be doing a couple blog posts about how the house changed in the past year so it will be fun to compare again in a year to see how it is changes again!

1. Eat healthier
2. Cook more
3. Continue early morning workouts (early, as in FIVE AM!!!)...maybe even add in another day
4. Lose 15 pounds
5. Blog more so I can look back at what we do as a family
6. Have date night with Brad at least once a week (no Etsy work on those days!)
7. Focus on not spending as much money and saving more
8. Focus on photography and learning as much as possible. Maybe even attend a conference! :)

Again, I think I can handle those 8 things, although eating healthy is the biggest and most important battle. We have been getting better but can still make some huge improvements.

If nothing else, having this list will guilt trip me into trying to keep up with my goals!

and what is a blog post without a picture of some of my favorite guys?!

Happy New Year's!

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