Nov 7, 2013

'Put it on the list'

My kids are pretty typical in that when we go shopping and happen to pass a toy, they inevitably say 'I want this!'. Or if they see a commercial for the latest and greatest toy, I hear 'I want that!'. They have lots and lots of wants and very very little needs!

Thankfully we haven't had any major meltdowns yet, or even any small meltdowns. However to avoid the possibility of a public meltdown I have started just saying 'Ok- we can add it to your Christmas or Birthday list'. That amazingly seems to appease the boys!

When we get home if they still remember what toy they wanted (and I don't pry, I just wait to see if they say something) then I will write it down on my list. Or if they were eyeing something actually worthwhile (which is a little more rare instance) then I jot it down so I remember for when I go shopping for gifts. As you can see from the above list, I don't write down hardly anything they say but they don't know that!

Now that the commercials are really starting to flow with toys, I hear 'Can we add this to my list? and add that too!'. So we also have a discussion that even if it on our list, Santa will pick out only a couple things that he likes best to give for Christmas. They know they aren't going to receive ALL the things on their list.

My 'List' is also where I jot down ideas for all the usual people I am gifting- my husband, nieces, nephews, sisters, etc. I also write down things that I want because when my birthday rolls around my sisters will ask 'What do you want for your birthday?' and I can NEVER think of ANYTHING I want. So, maybe my list is super boring (such as a new set of knives or candles) but at least I have an answer for them. :)

Honestly, having 'The List' has been such a huge help when shopping, watching TV, or flipping through catalogs that come in the mail. It is so nice to just say 'We'll put it on the list' and that is basically the end of discussion. No begging, whining, pleading, or crying. So far it is working for us!

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