Nov 5, 2013

My First Photo in Print!

About a month or so ago I took a couple newborn pictures for my sister-in-law for her baby announcement. She was very brave for trusting me on this since I am still learning how to use my camera. I can usually get the settings to work out ok but actually composing a photo is quite another thing. I gave no promises to how good the pictures would actually look but at least I would try.

About a week after our 'photo shoot' I got her announcement in the mail. My heart literally sank when at first glace I thought 'Oh, she got someone else to redo her pictures of Elias'. Then I realized, ummmm, hello, that was the photo I took! Little 'ol me! I was so excited it turned out so well when she got it printed out!

Ok, so maybe the title 'My First Photo in Print' is a big of an exaggeration since I print lots of pictures and made my own announcements with pictures I took. I am not professing I am a fabulous photographer, but I border on the decent side of the spectrum. Either way I am proud of myself and it is fun to see my photo 'in print'.

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