May 15, 2012

and we are on the move!

Tomorrow is the big day! The movers are packing up the trucks and we are headed to...our parent's houses! haha! We don't have a new house yet, but the hunt continues.  I thought I might reminisce a little at how our little house has changed over the last 6 years...

John's room started as a guest room...

We transformed his nursery into a sweet room for our first little baby! We started making it into a big boy room when Matthew was born, but just never completed our project. Oops!

Matthew's room was our boring office...

and we turned it into a cute nautical themed nursery, complete with paneled wall treatments! I love his room!

The backyard had two really small (and empty) flower beds in the corners of the yard. So weird!

So, my parents helped us build a large flower bed that went the width of the backyard. This is when I started my love for lantana! They are so pretty, easy to grow, and smell great!

The front yard had somewhat decent flower beds, although I didn't like the plants.

We added a retaining wall to the front yard and extended the flower beds. I loved what our first garden looked like as it began to grow. The back row of plants are perennials and those are HUGE now!

Look how little John was!!!

We added hardwood floors, a new A/C, a new hot water heater, and a new dishwasher...but who really wants to see pics of those?!

Wish us luck as we bunk with family for an undetermined set of time...

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