Oct 20, 2011

Guest Blogger - Emily

Hi there lil Mop Top readers! My name is Emily from Refreshingly Chic and Denson Duet. I also happen to be Jen's sister. I am so excited to be guest posting today and sharing a fun and EASY project with you today! You will leave this blog knowing how to make these sweet clothes dividers which is perfect for nurseries!


But, first, I wanted to share a little bit about me. Most importantly, I just had a sweet little baby named Emma. She is only one month old, so having time to do crafty stuff is not really happening right now! But before Miss Emma arrived, I had been working with our other sister, Allison, on our furniture refinishing items for Refreshingly Chic's clients. We love taking old pieces and giving them a face lift and new life! At Denson Duet, I share ideas for wreaths, seasonal decorating, and more wreaths!

So, let's get started on today's project...

After seeing these adorable closet dividers on Pinterest (most addicting site in the world) I decided to give it the good old college try.  Thankfully, it was really easy to do.  Here is what you need:

Go to Container Store (at least that is where I went!) and get as many dividers as you want.  They were $.99, so this is really all you will spend money on.  I got 5 because I didn’t think I would even need all 5, but it sounded like a good amount!  You also need scrapbook paper and Zots.  I am sure all of you crafter have this.  You could use any other kind of adhesive, but I thought Zots worked really well.

The first thing I did was trace one of the dividers onto computer paper and cut it out.  Then, I taped it to the actual divider and traced the inside lip on the paper.  I wanted the white to show a little but that is completely up to you.  After I cut it out to the right size I glued it to a a spare piece of cardstock and cut it out.  I wanted my template more sturdy so that I can use this again for baby shower gifts for friends.


Now all you have to do is trace your template onto all the scrapbook papers that you wanted.  I did 10 pages so I would have enough for the front and backs of the dividers.  I can use them on either side of the closet!  After you trace, you cut… duh!  This was the longest process, which should show you that this is a very easy and quick project.


With your Zots (or whatever you are using) glue the cut outs to the front and back of the dividers.  And, done!!!

I actually inked all the edges in light pink.  Not sure why but I did.


And, here they are in Emma’s closet!!!


All in all this was a super easy and cheap project!  Took me an hour total and cost me less than $6.  That, I can handle!

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