Oct 17, 2011

Dinosaur Costume

Can you believe Halloween is almost here?! I have been a slacker and haven't done any fall/halloween activities with the boys. :( I did, however, make a costume for John! He has been saying for about a month he wanted to be a clown for Halloween. I kept asking him hoping he would change his mind and FINALLY he said he wanted to be a dinosaur. WAY cuter than clown! So, I made him this cute costume.

Now, before you think I am super creative, I totally got the intructions for the hoodie from DIYing to be Domestic. The only thing I added was the grey felt to the tummy. Since she has very easy instructions, there is no need for me to type them up!

I got the basic idea for the tail from The Train to Crazy but modified it slightly. I didn't make the waist band. Instead I sewed mitten clip thingies on the end of the tail and clipped the tail to John's shirt under the hoodie. Very simple.

So, starting with this plain hoodie from Walmart...

came this sweet stegosaurus...

And let me tell you, John LOVED this costume! He wants to wear it all the time. I was worried I would put in all this hard work (all 60 minutes of it!!!) and he wouldn't wear it. So, I consider this a total success. I thought I might rip out all the stitches after Halloween and get this back to the original blue hoodie so he can wear it, but my sister said it was so cute and he could wear it as it. Well, we might just do that. John can be a cute dino all winter long!

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  1. I featured this post today on my blog! :D


  2. I LOVE how your dinosaur costume turned out. My 4 yr old is obsessed with Dinos and I NEED to make this for him. Thanks for including the links to the tutorials.

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