Mar 31, 2011

Flannel Board {stashbusting}

I am still 'stashbusting' over here and will probably be doing this until I literally have no craft supplies left. Might as well use what I've got! :) So, this is the FIRST flannel board activity!

My mother-in-law gave me some cute farm themed material and I knew as soon as I got it that I would use it for a flannel board activity. Well, she gave this to me probably six months ago and I apparently been lazy. Or taking care of two kids. Either one. I FINALLY pulled it out since we have our farm animal tot school theme with John this week.

Here's the deal with flannel boards...I don't actually want to make all the felt things. I know they are cute but mine will probably turn out like crap and it will take me FOREVER to put it together. And I didn't have a flannel board. However, how could I ever live with myself if I didn't provide cut flannel board activities for my son?! Well, that might be a bit dramatic since I have lived with myself for the past two years perfectly fine without flannel board stuff in my house, but I digress.

So, here is my trick: find fabric with the pictures already on it! SO EASY!

I took this fabric...

cut out the pictures and hot glued it to some craft felt...

my helper was too cute and EVERY time I glued a piece down he said 'beary beary hot!'

thanks blogger for rotating my picture! you are so sweet!

then cut out the felt around the pictures and ta da, a very cute flannel board activity!

No flannel board at your house? Here is how I made mine the same night that I was making the SUPER EASY farm pieces.

I took a really ugly (and free!) sweatshirt...

used hot glue to cover a piece of cardboard with a piece of the inside of the sweatshirt...

(the cardboard was already bent like that because it was packaging from Matthew's new car seat. BONUS!)

and ta da, a cheap flannel board!

I kid you not, John was trying to grab the animal pieces from me as I was cutting them out of the felt. This entertained him for 15 minutes solid before we had to put it way so he could go to bed. I should have made this a long time ago!

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  1. Ta da...great job. Remember to bring the animals to our house next time so he can play with them on our felt board. I love how you recycle everything !!!

  2. Oh, I so need to make a flannel board for my 2yr old son!! Thanks for the reminder, and showing us how easy it is to make :)

  3. This is so great!

    Being a perfectionist has kept me making a flannel board for longer than I care to admit.

    In my vast craft supply I even have enough flannel to make boards for a classroom! I could never find the "perfect" piece of wood...never thought of a cardboard box!

    Thank you! Your post was funny and it :)

    stopped by from No Time for Flashcards.

  4. So cute I would love it if you linked up to the Glitter Party!

  5. Love this! Cheap and easy now I will have to search for flannel animals to use.

  6. This is a GREAT idea, Gracias.

  7. What a great idea for making flannel board pieces! I have some farm fabric in my basement right now that needs to be used for this project. Thanks!


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