Aug 7, 2010

Two Random Activities!

I haven't had time to really plan and organize activities this week since precious little Matthew has arrived. But I did manage to try to entertain John with random activities through the week since we are basically homebound for a little while.

I pulled out the camera today while I was playing with John so here are the two activities we did today. (The other activities we did throughout the week were cute and I will post about them when we do them again!)

1. Everytime I have pulled out the cereal container, John has insisted on trying to pour the cereal himself. So I filled up an empty container with pinto beans and let him pour to his hearts content into a big strainer. Notice I put a sheet down for easy clean up since I knew there was about a 100% chance John wouldn't be perfect at pouring and I didn't want beans scattered across the kitchen floor! He really liked it and actually followed directions when I said he had to stay on the sheet the whole time!

2. I have seen lots of 'dot' pictures around the blog world. So I made my own dot sheet by spelling out John's name in block letters and drawing in circles. Very difficult, I know. :) I pulled out my old bingo dobbers and tried to teach John how to mark the circles. He got the concept but didn't have perfect aim. He ended up having more fun taking the caps on and off the dobbers. He was so cute though doing this activity!

And because I am so in love with my precious boys, here are some pictures since Matthew was born. {I am still in shock at how much hair he has!!!}

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  1. Great activities and those pics are ADORABLE!

  2. Gorgeous boys!

    It seems that a lot of tots, mine included, love playing with the tops tp bingo markers. Lol

  3. Oh my goodness! What precious boys you have! I am loving the pinto beans activity! My daughter would have a blast with that!

  4. Your boys are so handsome!!! Looks like he had a blast with the beans.

  5. I'm impressed that you got as much done and documented as you did with a new baby at home! I think I was close to catatonic when I had to be awake for at least six months! ;)

  6. Love the bean photos and how studious he looks as he dumps the last few beans out.

    What beautiful hair and what a lovely complexion...

  7. Love the idea of putting a sheet down on the floor for easy clean up!! I will definitely do that next time I let her practice her pouring!

    And I'm loving the idea of putting dots in his name! That's great!

    Your boys are so sweet!

  8. What fun activities, very creative. Your boys are gorgeous!


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