Mar 7, 2010

Weekly Date Nights- Baking with my Baby!

Our latest date night was to bake cookies together. Brad makes THE BEST chocolate chip cookies ever so this was quite a treat for me! I would like to say that I helped him with the dough, but instead I stood at the opposite end of the counter hemming my maternity pants.(See, there is a reason my stomach is huge! Although eating lots of cookies and ice cream probably could be a part of it too!) So, even though we weren't technically baking cookies 'together', we were in the kitchen together and spending time together which is all that matters.

We did try to use real butter instead of crisco and some Mexican vanilla that I got as a present. I of course had to taste the dough to make sure it wasn't poisonous or anything. The things I do for Brad! :)

The cookies turned out yummy as usual!

I can't wait to pick another date card tonight!

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  1. Cute. And you are starting to show (for real this time Brad!). You look great and I'm jealous of the cookies!!


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