Mar 18, 2010

Painting with Pudding

I saw a fun idea online which was to have the kiddos 'paint' with pudding! I was really excited about it because I have always been so worried about using real paint because usually John puts everything in his mouth. (Of course when we did this activity and used pudding for paint, he didn't try to taste it at all!) So, I bought John some vanilla pudding and used food coloring to make different color 'paint'. Then we went outside on a gorgeous day and painted to our heart's content. And apparently John's heart is content after 10 minutes. We only used one premade cup of pudding so now we have plenty of pudding in our fridge for next time! :)

Make sure to wear your crafty apron {THANKS Nana!} or 'messy' clothes!

Put a couple spoonfuls of the pudding on the table or high chair tray.

Then watch the master do his thing!

Obviously you can't really save these pictures, but they are pretty to hang up on the fridge even for a short time! Definitely something I would do again while the weather is so nice!

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