Oct 1, 2013

Curtain Rod Trick

I am almost done with my formal living room and am so excited to share how it is turning out! Today will be a little sneak peek at how I modified some store-bought curtain rods.

The window in the room is a bay window of sorts. Of course, it isn't a normal bay window that I could easily find a curtain rod. It has an extra set of walls, if that makes any sense at all! My fabulous designer (my sister who you can find on facebook HERE) said I just needed two panels for the window treatments. So I found some reasonably priced panels online at West Elm.

When it was time to hang the curtains, we bought a gold-ish rod from Home Depot and some plastic tubing from the plumbing section. Brad measured the lengths we needed and cut the rods to size. To connect the two pieces so they would make the bend for the bay window, he put a piece of plastic tubing in each rod.

 No measuring for the angles needed!

I like to make sure Brad knows that I 'saved' us tons of money by modifying the rods ourselves. Let's not think about the fact that I am saving us money by not buying more expensive panels or custom rods. It just sounds better when I say to Brad 'I saved us money on this purchase!'.

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