Sep 6, 2013

Fun with Food!

So, let's talk food, shall we?

My kids seems to be pretty typical when it comes to food. They don't really eat veggies and they go through phases of sticking to one kind of food per meal. John has eating waffles almost every breakfast since he was 1. That is almost FOUR YEARS of waffles! Every once in a while he will eat pancakes. However, no cereal, no muffins...just waffles! (I will give him a little reprieve since he is allergic to eggs and there is only so many breakfast foods that don't have eggs as the main ingredient!).

I have found that if I present the food in a cute or different way, the boys are more apt to trying it and eating more of the meal. For example, for the first day of school I made the boys these waffle kabobs, inspired by Mom on Time Out. The boys liked them so much they asked me to make them the next day and John even had seconds. So, yes, it was still a waffle, but I snuck in some bananas which usually don't get eaten.

Even simply cutting some of the food in shapes works wonders. The boys loved the Valentine's lunch I made them since it had heart shaped cheese. Matty B will even eat cucumbers if I cut the slices into a heart!

Some people are way, way, WAY more crafty than I, but I try to keep it simple and manageable. I started a pinterest board (be sure to follow it!) where you can find the super simple and the super fabulous ideas to make food fun for your kiddos!

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