Dec 26, 2012

Grey and Blue Nursery

Let me start by saying how happy I am that Baby Boy #3 held on past Christmas! I was so worried I would either have a Christmas baby or be in the hospital over Christmas. So, if I can just clean up my house today, he is welcome to show up anytime now!

I mostly have his nursery complete. Here is the grand tour...

We started with an 'empty' room...or really a dumping ground for all baby things until we had the room ready to go. You can see how we taped one wall to paint the stripes.

And now the room looks like this:

I really love how it turned out! I was a tad skeptical as we were going but I think it is a cute little nursery. 

My mother-in-law helped with the bedding which turned out perfect. I love the colors and the blue is the perfect pop in the room. I posted about our 'cheater crib skirt' HERE. According to my sister Allison, I 'need a circle' above the crib. You would think she is an interior designer or something! (Check out her site!!) So the last thing I want to do in this room is get a large round frame and put it on this wall above the crib. One day...

These curtains are from Ikea that I bought for our guest bedroom in our first house and were eventually in Matthew's nursery. I changed them up a bit by painting the stripes on them (with the same wall paint I used on the striped wall). I also cut off the tabs at the top of each panel and used clip rings to hang them on the rod. Since I had all of the supplies on hand, this was a free little upgrade and I didn't have to buy new window treatments. AND, Matthew's room had the perfect color curtains when we moved into the new house so I didn't have to buy him replacement curtains either. Awesome!

I made this artwork for above the dresser. I got the idea from a post I found on Hammers and High Heels via Pinterest. (This room was basically a Pinterest project!) So I made up the numbers with a chevron backing on Photoshop, printed them out, and mod podged them to a painted piece of plywood. Pretty easy!

I had this sign pinned on Pinterest as well, but I didn't want to mess with finding a pallet and stenciling the letters. So once again, I pulled out my hand dandy Photoshop and made a poster version. I printed it as a poster from Walmart, glued it to a piece of plywood and then sanded over the poster to distress it a bit.

The shelves in the above picture are from the toy storage we had at our old house that I LOVED and didn't know where to put in the new house. I think the cubbies are perfect in the nursery. I posted about how I painted the numbers on the storage baskets HERE

Another item Brad and I made was a ruler growth chart. I really liked the ones I had seen on Etsy but couldn't justify spending the money just because I was being lazy. So Brad got a board from Home Depot, the boys painted it with the same wall paint (that gallon of paint went a long way!), Brad and I added the tick marks with a permanent marker, and then I used vinyl to add the numbers. I absolutely love how it turned out and it was so easy that I would have been really upset at myself for spending triple the amount of money buying it online.

I can't wait to bring home the baby and change him into all his cute outfits!! (not looking forward to all the dirty diapers...)

I framed the scratch off ticket we used to reveal the baby is a boy at our Stache or Sash party

My goal for this room was to make as much of the decor myself with what I had on hand because we are on a budget. So, without actually tallying up my few receipts, I would guess we spent less than $150 on the room. We had to purchase the fabric for the bedding, a gallon of paint and some plywood. Maybe some other little random supplies?? Everything else was made with what we already had around the house. I like to say I am going 'green' but we all know I am just too cheap to buy new things. :)

That about wraps up the room! Hope Thomas likes it as much as we do. I would guess the next time you hear from me, we will be showing pictures of our new baby!

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  1. It looks so cute!! And congrats on being so green and resourceful!


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