Jul 27, 2012

Documents of Lost Teeth

Well, John John had a little accident about two weeks ago which ended up breaking on of his front bottom teeth at the root. He says he ran into Matthew's back, but that seems odd for that to cause him to break a tooth so badly! Either way, my sweet baby had to be sedated last week and they pulled out his little ol' baby tooth (which had the root in four different pieces!). I didn't anticipate having the Tooth Fairy come to our house so early, but she did manage to bring him a Francesco car as a present. I didn't get a chance to get super creative (ie look on Pinterest for cute ideas) so I will have to do better in a couple years. :)

However, I saw on someone's blog (which I can't find now...sorry!!) they made a little journal to document the teeth that were lost. She even linked to someone who made little drawings of teeth but, like I said, I can't find it. UGH! Anyways, here is the quick journal I put together for John. It isn't fancy so maybe I will spice it up a bit in the next couple years.

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