Feb 6, 2012

Valentine's Day Party {flashbacks}

So, Valentine's Day is NEXT WEEK! I usually throw the annual pizza party at my house but this year I decided I just couldn't make it work with trying to get the house ready to sell. As I took out my decorations tonight to let the boys decorate the 'school area', I was a little sad in not having the party this year. At least I can look forward to having the party next year in our new (bigger!) house!

I realized, however, I never posted about the parties from the last two years. So, I am going to go back in time, pull up old pictures, and share some Valentine's party love.

Let's start with the most important part of any party; the dessert. Actually, my favorite part of the party last year was the dessert set up. I used ribbon to hang over the mirror over my buffet to make the area look festive. Then I set up a bunch of yummy desserts.

These are my impostor whoopie pies. Well, I don't really know what whoopie pies are, so I only assume these are similar to whoopie pies. I used a muffin top tins to bake cupcakes. Then I sandwiched yummy icing in between two cupcakes. They are quite delicious. I mean, who doesn't like to eat two cupcakes at one time?!

I found the 'keep calm' sign somewhere around the internet (they are not hard to find!) and used some old wedding favor organza bags to fill with kisses as favors for the guests. You know, 'guests' sounds fancy but if we are being honest, it is just family over at the house. Do they really count as guests??

One thing I love about my house is that the dining room and formal living room is one big space. So when I have the whole family over, I can line up three tables and we can all sit together. Here is the table set up from last year. I used THESE place mats that I made about two years ago with my sweet hubby.

If you look carefully, you can see my thrifty (and scrawny) table toppers. When trying to fit so many people at the table, there is little room for decorations. I am also too cheap to make a huge display. I found almost everything for these decorations at the dollar store. I got the tin from the 'garden/flower' area (and covered with scrapbook paper I had already). Then I took some of the boy's playdoh and put the containers in the tins. I stuck the hear picks in the playdoh so they would stand upright at different angles. This will dry out the playdoh, but we had so many I could sacrifice a couple containers. Then I filled the tins with tissue paper and the poured some bags of conversation hearts to cover up the tissue paper. This all probably makes no sense, but I can't find the pictures that explains what I did! Sorry Charlie!

We always have an assortment of pizzas. Brad is our Pizza Master and does a fabulous job! Some are heart shaped, some are square, and some are round. We don't discriminate over here!

Way back in 2010, I made these cupcake toppers using mini candy canes left over from Christmas. I used THIS tutorial to make them. They were really easy to do and turned out really cute!

I actually had a crafty activity planned for this party. I made peanut butter rice crispie treats prior to the party. At the party, we used heart cookie cutters to cut out the treats, dip them in melted chocolate, then decorate with sprinkles. They were quite tasty, although most people left theirs at my house. I may, or may not, have eaten them by myself.

See, I told you we need the space to fit the whole gang!

This year we are getting together at my mom's house but I look forward to next year when I can hopefully host again!

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  1. HA!! Whoopie pie imposters?! LOL. Love all of this, Jen! Thanks for sharing at oopsey daisy!


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