Nov 2, 2011

Look What I Got!!!

About two months ago, I was so excited when I got all these goodies shipped right to my doorstep:

This was sent to me from the sweet sweet people at Thanks guys!! There are so many fun things I can use these craft materials for so I am super excited! I happened to go shopping at Walmart after getting this box and they have a whole big aisle of craft stuff that would be perfect for those at-home craft projects. You should check it out!

The first item I used was the finger paints for a quick painting session with Matthew. He really enjoyed the painting and REALLY enjoyed putting the containers in and out of the packaging. I wish the paint was a tad thicker (it was more gel like so it doesn't have a super saturated color) but it washes nice and clean off clothes which is really important to me with messy boys!

Isn't his artwork pretty?!

Stay tuned for some more projects that we have done using these items! And be sure to check out for even more crafty goodness!

**Remember, I got this package of stuff for free from Everything I am writing (or will write) is my opinion on the products!**

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