Apr 12, 2010

Weekly Date Night- Picnic in the Backyard

First of all, I had to share with you that I was featured for a THIRD time this week for one of my crafts I have been working on. I am so excited!! Check out It's a Hodgepdge Life.

Back to the task at hand- my latest date night! So, we kind of let two weeks go without a date. Oops! We can chalk it up to me being sick all the time and us being busy. Anyway, after John went to bed tonight, we had a little picnic in the backyard! All we needed was a blanket and our gourmet dinner of Chick-fil-A. (We actually cooked tonight but didn't like how it turned out and had to supplement!) Another easy date night and especially relaxing when the weather was as gorgeous as it was tonight.

What has been your favorite date with your loved one?


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