Apr 27, 2010

So Excited...and tired...

So, our lovely fat cat Gracie woke us up nice and early yesterday morning. Apparently her food timer hadn't clicked over and she was STARVING at 5am and needed to eat. (Yes, we have her food on a timer otherwise she will eat it all at once and then puke it up everywhere. She has no self control when it comes to food...kind of like me!) Anyway, I had time to catch up on my google reader and I click on this random post from one of the blogs I follow, Wallflower Grown Wild.

And wouldn't you know that I was a featured link! How exciting! I am so glad I didn't skip over that post...and almost glad Gracie woke me up early so I had time to read up on my google reader. If you haven't set up a google reader- it is awesome but so addictive!!! :)

Thanks Wallflower Grown Wild!


  1. I had to change my linky party format, so if you linked up can you go back and link again? I wanted it to show in picture format and I finally got it. SOrry and thanks for stopping by my blog!


  2. Stopping by from The Girl Creative’s New Friend Friday. Already a follower.


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