Feb 2, 2011

Workout Wednesday #3

So, did you try out any of the exercises from last week? Here are a couple more you could do in your own home! No gym needed!)

1. Balance on left foot, right leg slightly extended to front with foot off the ground and light weights in hands. Squat with left foot (keeping right foot off the ground), and do a curl with arms. Do 10 reps and switch legs. Do 3 sets.

2. Using a step (or BOSU ball), stand on the left side of the step with right foot on the step. Do a squat and on the way away immediately push off the right leg and move to the right side of the step. You are kind of shuffling over to the other side so that now you have your left leg on the step. Do a squat and the shuffle back to the left side. Do for 1 minute, three times.

3. Leaning upper body on a balance ball (or simply lying on the floor), use light weights to complete a chest press 10x, fly's 10x, hold open fly for 30 seconds, then pulse in open fly 10x. Do this pattern three times.

4. Stand with legs shoulder-width apart while holding light weights. Bend legs into a plie' and then reach side to side while holding weights upward (like you are holding a tray of food in your hands).

5. Balance on left foot, holding right leg bent at 90 degree angle in air so that thigh is parallel to the floor. Using light weights raise arms (palms down) to the sides until they reach shoulder height 10x and then raise arms to the front 10x. Then switch legs and repeat arms. Do this three times.

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