Feb 3, 2011

Valentine's Day Shirts {with a tutorial!}

I finally got around to making Valentine's shirts for the boys. I hate making anything TOO holiday-ish because then they only wear it once or twice. I tried to make it a little more versatile (and not so Valentine's-y) so they can be my cute little love bugs all month long! :)

John will be in this heart breaker shirt because he is just so dang handsome that I KNOW he will be a heart breaker when he is older!

Matthew will look dapper and handsome in this sweet little heart tie shirt.

Want to make the heart breaker shirt for your little one? Here are the directions!

1. Using freezer paper waxy side down, cut out the letters for 'BREAKER' and iron onto your shirt. I used an xacto knife to do the cutting, but I am so horrible using that thing! Why is it so hard to do curves with it?! :( If you have a cricut or sillouette (and I am super jealous if you do!), you can cut the freezer paper on your machine which makes it tons easier to do.

2. Paint over your letters. I needed three coats of red since I was painting on a dark shirt.

Once the paint is dry, peel off the freezer paper!

3. Iron on fusing to the back of your heart material. I used Heat n Bond lite because I want to sew around the edges of the heart. Follow the directions on the package for using the fusing! Draw your shape and then cut out. I found a heart I liked online and used that as a template.

4. Iron on the heart to your shirt and you are done! (...unless you want to sew around the edges of your heart for a little extra pizazz, which I will do one day!)

Matthew's tie is super easy too so I didn't add directions. :) If you have questions, let me know!

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  1. I love those little tie shirts on boys!

    Maybe I will be a "rebel" and put one on Ella! Why not? Cute either way!

    Great job!!


  2. I just love the tie shirt. The little heart on the end is so sweet. I love that being a mom of boys on Valentine's Day challenges us to get creative. Great job!

  3. Love this. As the sewing contributor for Making the World Cuter, I'm featuring this in a Valentine's Day Roundup posting soon. :) Hopefully it will bring lots of traffic your way.

  4. I like matthew's tie. I will try it. Thank youso much...


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